Date of Birth: August 31rst, 1969 in Adelaide, Australia.

Family: Father, Eddie, is an Australian auto dealership owner.
Mother, Maria, is a secretary.
Older brother Anthony LaPaglia, who stars in "Without a Trace".
Another older brother, Michael, who is a car wholesaler in Los Angeles.

Previous Occupation: ER doctor in Australia.

Hobbies: Reading, mountain biking, running and snowboarding.


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I'm not sure what my attraction to this man is. I mean, I don't think it is a physical one. Don't get me wrong, he isn't by no means bad looking, it's just that I don't find him overly cute. Still, when I happen to catch a glimpse of him on the television, my insides all melt into a pool of gooey goodness at my feet. Maybe I'm just in love with his character on "7 Days". Maybe it's the fact that he is really good at playing a smart ass - something not many people can do very well. When I am able to see another one of his roles, then perhaps I will know if I'm attracted to the actor, or the character. Until then, I will be fulfilling my craving the only way I know how - tuning into the 7 Days reruns every night.

As an update, I think I will tell you about my little Jonathan LaPaglia moment I had with my sister. I'm quite impressed how she would associate "LaPaglia" with my site of Obsessions. So, anyway, she was flicking around on the television yesterday, came upon "Without A Trace" (which we all know stars Anthony LaPaglia - brother of Jonathan). She immediately said, when viewing the cast listing in the info, "LaPaglia... LaPaglia... Isn't that your guy?" Of course, I was floored, not thinking she ever paid attention to my site, or the people in it. She rarely even watches "7 Days" with me. Maybe she's seen it three time, and that could be stating it generously. So, I told her that it was Jonathan I was interested, not Anthony, but was quite impressed she'd actually noticed. Wonders never cease (whatever that means!).

So, anyway, the other day I happened to see Jonathan LaPaglia in The District. Okay, so it didn't just happen. I tuned the program in, hoping to get a glance of the man. I really didn't see too much of him, because I was busy doing other things at the time. But enough to get all giddy inside again. I'm really not sure if his character on this series even compares to that on 7 Days, but I suppose that is something for me to look into in the future.


The Agency (2002)(tv show) - Detective Kevin Debreno in episode:
--"Doublecrossover" (episode 1.21)
The District (2000) - Detective Kevin Debreno in episodes:
Season Two:
--"Lost and Found" (episode 2.1)
--"Foreign Affair" (episode 2.2)
--"Night Shift (a.k.a. Back Fire)" (episode 2.3)
--"The Project" (episode 2.4)
--"To Serve and Protect" (episode 2.5)
--"Melt Down" (episode 2.6)
--"Bulldog's Ghost" (episode 2.7)
--"Tug of War" (episode 2.8)
--"Cop Hunt" (episode 2.9)
--"Thursday" (episode 2.10)
--"Russian Winter (a.k.a.The Russian Wars)" (episode 2.11)
--"Twist of Hate" (episode 2.12)
--"This Too Shall Pass" (episode 2.13)
--"Wasteland" (episode 2.14)
--"Daughter for Daughter" (episode 2.15)
--"The Greenhouse Effect" (episode 2.16)
--"Still Life" (episode 2.17)
--"Shades of Gray" (episode 2.18)
--"Shell Game" (episode 2.19)
--"The Killing Point" (episode 2.20)
--"Convictions" (episode 2.21)
--"Payback" (episode 2.22)
Under Hellgate Bride (1999) [buy me] - Vincent
7 Days (1998)(tv show) - Lt. Frank Bartholomew Parker in episodes:
Season One:
--"Pilot: Part One" (episode 1.1)
--"Pilot: Part Two" (episode 1.2)
--"The Gettysburg Virus" (episode 1.3)
--"Come Again?" (episode 1.4)
--"Vows" (episode 1.5)
--"Doppleganger: Part One" (episode 1.6)
--"Doppleganger: Part Two" (episode 1.7)
--"Shadow Play" (episode 1.8)
--"As Time Goes By" (episode 1.9)
--"Sleepers" (episode 1.10)
--"HAARP Attack" (episode 1.11)
--"Last Card Up" (episode 1.12)
--"Last Breath" (episode 1.13)
--"Parkergeist" (episode 1.14)
--"Daddy's Girl" (episode 1.15)
--"There's Something About Olga" (episode 1.16)
--"A Dish Best Served Cold" (episode 1.17)
--"Vegas Heist" (episode 1.18)
--"EBEs" (episode 1.19)
--"Walter" (episode 1.20)
--"Lifeboat" (episode 1.21)
Season Two:
--"The Football" (episode 2.1)
--"Pinball Wizard" (episode 2.2)
--"" (episode 2.3)
--"For the Children" (episode 2.4)
--"Two Weddings and a Funeral" (episode 2.5)
--"Walk Away" (episode 2.6)
--"Sister's Keeper" (episode 2.7)
--"The Collector" (episode 2.8)
--"Love and Other Disasters" (episode 2.9)
--"The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" (episode 2.10)
--"Time Gremlin" (episode 2.11)
--"Buried Alive" (episode 2.12)
--"The Backstepper's Apprentice" (episode 2.13)
--"Deja Vu All Over Again" (episode 2.14)
--"Space Station Down" (episode 2.15)
--"The Cuban Missile" (episode 2.16)
--"X-35 Needs Changing" (episode 2.17)
--"Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?" (episode 2.18)
--"Pope Parker" (episode 2.19)
--"Witch Way to the Prom" (episode 2.20)
--"Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood" (episode 2.21)
--"Playmates and Presidents" (episode 2.22)
--"The Cure" (episode 2.23)
Season Three:
--"Stairway to Heaven" (episode 3.1)
--"Peacekeepers" (episode 3.2)
--"Rhino" (episode 3.3)
--"The Dunwych Madness" (episode 3.4)
--"Olga's Excellent Vacation" (episode 3.5)
--"Deloris Demands" (episode 3.6)
--"The Fire Last Time" (episode 3.7)
--"Tracker" (episode 3.8)
--"Top Dog" (episode 3.9)
--"Adam & Eve & Adam" (episode 3.10)
--"Head Case" (episode 3.11)
--"Raven" (episode 3.12)
--"The First Freshman" (episode 3.13)
--"Revelation" (episode 3.14)
--"Crystal Blue Persuasion" (episode 3.15)
--"Empty Quiver" (episode 3.16)
--"Kansas" (episode 3.17)
--"The Final Countdown" (episode 3.18)
--"The Brink" (episode 3.19)
--"Sugar Mountain" (episode 3.20)
--"Born in the USSR" (episode 3.21)
--"Live: From Death Row" (episode 3.22)
Origin of the Species (1998) - Stan
Inferno (1998)(TV) [buy me] - Eddie
Law & Order (1998) - Frank Russo in episode:
--"Grief" (episode 8.14)
Deconstructing Harry (1997) [buy me] - First Assistant Cameraperson
Astoria Fix (1997) - Drug Lord
The Cure (1995) -
New York Undercover (1994) - Det. Tommy Macnamara in episodes:
Season Three:
--"A Time of Faith: Part One" (episode 3.1)
--"A Time of Faith: Part Two" (episode 3.2)
--"Tough Love" (episode 3.3)
--"Blue Boy" (episode 3.4)
--"Rules of Engagement" (episode 3.5)
--"Kill the Noise" (episode 3.6)
--"Smack Is Back" (episode 3.7)
--"Don't Blink" (episode 3.8)
--"Without Mercy" (episode 3.9)
--"Going Platinum" (episode 3.10)
--"Brown Like Me" (episode 3.11)
--"The Reaper" (episode 3.12)
--"Fade Out" (episode 3.13)
--"The Solomon Papers" (episode 3.14)
--"School's Out" (episode 3.15)
--"Outrage" (episode 3.16)
--"The Promised Land" (episode 3.17)
--"Descell" (episode 3.18)
--"Hubris" (episode 3.19)
--"The Unthinkable" (episode 3.20)
--"Vendetta" (episode 3.21)
--"Is It a Crime?" (episode 3.22)
--"No Place Like Hell" (episode 3.23)
--"The Last Hurrah" (episode 3.24)
Poison Berries (1991) -
Rain -
Screening Frogs (short film) -
Dog Tail (short film) -

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